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Applied Professional Practicum

The Applied Professional Practicum (APP) is meant to serve as a bridge for IEP (and IEP-MBA joint program) students between their academic and professional lives. It is intended for students in their final semester who want to work closely with one or more IEP faculty mentors to produce work that will help launch their careers. The APP is best suited for students who have creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial ideas that they would like to bring to fruition, such as a new policy initiative, behavioral design intervention, concept for a sustainable business, environmental documentary, or other projects that support “out of the box” thinking and solutions to wicked problems. Submissions for business and other competitions may also fit into the APP, as would complementary work to support outside consulting projects. The APP can be taken for 1-4 credits depending on the nature of the project. Interested students should discuss their ideas with IEP faculty members, who will then request a formal proposal similar to those required for independent studies.
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