African Diasporas and the Sea

African Diaspora and the Sea
In this course we will study the diversities and commonalities of African diaspora communities from a global perspective. We will focus on the enduring cultural monuments, legacies and other signposts and migrations across global empires and national borders. We will study issues of belonging, and the economic and cultural imprints in the modern era (1800-present). Examples will be drawn from three geographical regions:
1. North American coastal cities such as New York, Miami, and Halifax
2. Caribbean and Latin American coastal cities from Havana to Rio de Janeiro
3. Mediterranean and Euro-Atlantic ports such as Bristol and Marseille
While most of our case studies focus on sub-Saharan African diasporas, (including Afro-Caribbean, African-American, and Afro-Latin@s), the class will also make comparisons with North African diasporas. Students will be able to apply the themes of the class to African diasporas in other geographical regions around the world including Eastern Europe, China, and Southeast Asia.
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