Growing up in Italy

Growing up in Italy: 1950 to Present
What is the role of a liberal arts education in the lives we lead? This question is central to several international blockbusters dramatizing their Italian protagonists’ growth from adolescence into adulthood: Marco Tullio Giordana’s mini-series, The Best of Youth (film, 2003), Elena Ferrante’s novels My Brilliant Friend (2011-12) and The Story of a New Name (2012-13), and Saverio Costanzo’s HBO film series (2019-20). We will consider these works’ stories of personal evolution against Italian and Western historical developments from 1950 to the present: post-war reconstruction; economic expansion; educational reform; reform in the care of the mentally ill; student and worker movements; feminism; left- and right-wing terrorism; the Mafia. No previous knowledge of Italy or Italian is required. 3 hrs. sem.
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