Senior Independent Study I
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Advanced Studio I
This course is designed for dedicated students who have taken full advantage of the many different modes of creation offered by the Program in Studio Art. Demonstrated visual literacy is essential before entering this course where you will begin developing an individual voice and practice as a young artist.
Designed to help develop a cohesive body of work with a personal point of view, this course provides the basic tools needed to express artistic intentions visually, verbally, and in writing. Weekly group critiques, class discussions about contemporary art theory/art criticism, and regular one-on-one studio visits with the Studio Art faculty and visiting artists provide a broader context for your artwork. This class culminates with a public exhibition curated and promoted by the class as a whole.
In addition, students are guided in the creation of a professional portfolio, including extensive documentation of the artwork produced and multiple versions of an artist statement, both suitable for submission to artist internships, residencies, or graduate schools.
Graduating seniors enrolled in ART 700 will curate, mount and promote a solo thesis exhibition. They will also create and submit a digital portfolio to be archived by the Program in Studio Art.
Interested students should contact the professor a minimum of one (1) week prior to online registration. Provide a transcript of all completed Studio Art courses, images of work created, and a brief, 1-2 page description of the media you intend to use and the subject matter you wish to further investigate. Students are expected to have completed two Studio Art classes in the medium they wish to explore before applying for ART 700. Approval required. 4 hrs sem./lab.
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