Awe, Happiness, Positive Psych

Awe, Happiness, and Positive Psychology
When have you felt awe? What makes people happy? Are there clear, predictable explanations for why some people are more resilient in life than others? How might experiencing awe or holding a positive worldview relate to performance at work or in school? Over this seminar, we will explore not only what makes us happy, but what makes us thrive. In doing so we will consider why this matters to us as individuals and, more broadly, to society. Emphasis will be placed on Self Determination Theory and understanding the link between intrinsic motivation and engagement with work and life. Additionally, we will contemplate the potential for using psychological theories in institutions such as schools, businesses, and non-profits to facilitate stakeholders’ commitment, performance, and health. We will read empirical research articles, popular books, and blogs to learn how researchers measure awe, happiness, and wellbeing. 3 hrs. sem.
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