NYC Education Internship K-12

The New York City Urban Education Internship
This internship provides teaching and learning opportunities at New York City Public Schools with a focus on DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx, a charter middle school, and an elementary school: PS197. During the term, each student will be assigned to work as an intern with a classroom teacher or program at a New York City school. Tasks will vary but may include: observing classes, tutoring, directing small-group work, working with special education students, working in the computer lab and working with outreach programs. Students will spend five full days at the school each week, keep a journal, and complete a formal essay about their experience. In addition, there will be visits to other schools and educational programs in the area. Approval required; please contact Trish Dougherty prior to registration. (Pass/Fail) (formerly TEDU 0337)
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