Senior Thesis

Senior Thesis
Students conducting independent thesis research in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry must register for MBBC 0701 while completing research projects initiated in BIOL 0500, MBBC 0700, or CHEM 0400. Students will organize and lead regular discussions of their research and research methods, and attend weekly meetings with their designated laboratory group to foster understanding of their special area, and practice the stylistic and technical aspects of scientific writing needed to write their thesis. (CHEM 0400 or BIOL 0500 or MBBC 0700) (Approval required).
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MBBC 0701

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Spring 2020

MBBC0701B-S20 Senior Work (Cluss)
MBBC0701C-S20 Senior Work (Combelles)
MBBC0701D-S20 Senior Work (Costanza-Robinson)
MBBC0701E-S20 Senior Work (Crocker)
MBBC0701F-S20 Senior Work (Durst)
MBBC0701G-S20 Senior Work (Eggleston)
MBBC0701H-S20 Senior Work (Ernstrom)
MBBC0701I-S20 Senior Work (Giddings)
MBBC0701J-S20 Senior Work (Linderman)
MBBC0701K-S20 Senior Work (Parker)
MBBC0701L-S20 Senior Work (Repka)
MBBC0701M-S20 Senior Work (Spatafora)
MBBC0701N-S20 Senior Work (Spritzer)
MBBC0701O-S20 Senior Work (Ward)