Motown II

Motown II
In this course we will study the music of Motown and how its evolution relates to jazz and the unique elements of Detroit that gave rise to one of America's corporate recording giants. We will look at how Berry Gordy recruited jazz musicians to backup Motown vocalists to develop a unique sound and style that resulted in more hits than any other recording label. During the course we will learn the tools of jazz that were employed by Motown, including the jazz swing feel as opposed to a rigid 8th note feel of rock or disco. Students will have the opportunity to improvise using the tools we study, and the course will center on a performing band playing the music of Motown and culminating in a concert by the students accompanying a professional singer of this genre. During this process we will look at the music of Motown as it relates to Detroit and race relations in America. This course counts as a performance elective or as an elective for courses at the 0200-level and above. (Approval Required, interested students should contact Mr. Donahue at milesdonahue@comcast.net by November 7 for an audition) (Pass/Fail)
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