Bodily Narratives: French Lit

Bodily Narratives in 17th and 18th Century French Literature
In early modern France,the body is at the center of emerging ideas within particular fields of knowledge (philosophy, aesthetics, anthropology, medicine, law). In this course, we will consider the ways in which various discourses construct the body as an object of knowledge, and to what ends. We will focus on the notions of ma├«trise de soi, sympathy, and sensibilit├ę, and the relation(s) between self and other. We will reflect upon ways in which bodies are hidden or exposed, marked as other, pathologized, gendered, disciplined and punished, in order to challenge the discursive construction of the body in 17th and 18th century French literature. Readings will include works by Racine, Lafayette, Montesquieu, Saint-Simon, Diderot, Rousseau, and Laclos. (FREN 0221 or by waiver). 3hrs. lect.dic.
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