Betwn Cultures & Pers. Stories

Between Cultures and Personal Stories: An Approach to the "Five senses" (tasting, smelling, touching, hearing, and seeing) via Science, the Arts, Literature, and Social Science.
The sensory experience is central to the human condition and to each person's experience of the world around them and to their encounters with others. This course proposes to explore the sensory universe in which we exist daily by detailing each of the five senses, their concrete and symbolic functions, and their representations. It will show how, according to the times and cultures, their uses and meanings have evolved. It will address the differentiations linked to gender, social environment or age of life. Finally, it will pay particular attention to the question of sensory memory, which is an essential element in the process of recollection.
The first week will be devoted to the presentation of the general problematic of anthropology and phenomenology of the senses based on the great philosophical, anthropological and scientific texts. Then, each week will be devoted to the detailed study of each of the five senses listed.
This course requires the students to read the texts that will be shared by the teacher. It also includes written assignments and oral presentations.

No Required texts.
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FREN 6689

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Summer 2023 Language Schools, LS 6 Week Session

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