Adv German For Singers I

This course meets two hours per day to analyze and provide advanced grammatical structures, provide intensive written and oral language training, offer insights into German ways of perception, and teach strategies of communication and language learning. The level 3 course sequence (3301-3302-3303) aims to develop students’ ability to use multiple registers and formal (public) discourse skills in all four modalities of language use. These skills are characterized by coherence, effective argument strategies, social and cross-cultural competence and advanced language awareness. Students will be asked to engage with a wide range of demanding, longer texts from various contexts and recognize implicit meaning. They are expected to be able to express ideas, opinions and arguments with increasing ease and fluency. At this level, students will learn to write clear, well-structured, detailed essays on complex literary and cultural topics that also show them to be culturally sophisticated thinkers. Upon completion, students should be at a solid B2 level and able to effectively use German for social, academic and professional purposes.

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Texts will be available for purchase from the College Bookstore after all placement testing has been completed.
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GRMN 3305

All Sections in Summer 2021 Language Schools, LS 7 Week Session

Summer 2021 Language Schools, LS 7 Week Session

GRMN3305A-L21 Lecture (Holznienkemper)