Cultural Studies III

This course sequence is intended for students who have had at least three semesters of formal instruction in Portuguese, and it is designed to expand the PSGE 3301 & PSGE 3302 courses. In addition to the contact with language structures through intensive reading and to the exposure to different registers, students enrolled in this program will also develop their intercultural competence through courses divided into thematic-culture related units that are team-taught by faculty and experts from different areas of studies. These thematic units encompass several topics, such as the environment and sustainability, and literature of the Portuguese-speaking countries, providing students with different concepts and perspectives, as well as with the development of intercultural sensibility. These content courses may include components such as theoretical readings, critical discussions, debates, and writings, exposing students to cultural products and practices of the Lusophone world. In this level they also use the language in a hypothetical way, learning how to discuss topics both concretely and abstractly.

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PGSE 3302

All Sections in Summer 2017 Language Schools, Portuguese 7 week

Summer 2017 Language Schools, Portuguese 7 week

PGSE3302A-L17 Lecture (Silveira, Butterman, Monteiro Costa, Zink)