Intermediate Portuguese III

Students enrolling in this sequence will have completed at least three semesters of study in Portuguese and will typically have a proficiency level of “Intermediate-High” (and occasionally at least "Intermediate-Mid"), according to the ACTFL proficiency guidelines. Many times, students enrolled in this level have also participated in study abroad programs in countries where the target language is spoken, besides their traditional exposure to Portuguese at college. Students will engage in intensive language instruction to strengthen their knowledge of grammatical and syntactical structures, as well as improve their mastery of the language while increasing vocabulary and functional communicative ability. Students completing this sequence will participate actively in in-depth conversations on topics of both personal and public interest, using and combining a variety of communicative devices to satisfy linguistic needs. They may also develop a discourse in a more professional level. By the end of the program, students tend to achieve a proficiency level of "Advanced-Low" or "Advanced-Mid". Depending on motivation, effort, and diligence, some students will progress to “Advanced-High” during this sequence.

Required Text: Cereja, William, Cochar, Thereza. 2010. Gramática Reflexiva. São Paulo: Editora Atual.
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PGSE 3301

All Sections in Summer 2017 Language Schools, Portuguese 7 week

Summer 2017 Language Schools, Portuguese 7 week

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