Lusophone Poetry

Poetry of the Lusophone World

This course is offered at the graduate level with a particular focus on the study of the poetry produced in the Portuguese-speaking countries. Students will be exposed to the genre by the analysis of the production of different groups of poets, which include authors from Brazil, Portugal, and Portuguese Africa, exploring their socio-political-racial-gender and aesthetic traits. In addition to the reading and discussion of the selected material, the course also includes theoretical texts with different approaches, in order to promote a deeper understanding of the poetic production within its historical, political, economic, and cultural realities, such as colonization, decolonization, postcolonial lusophone studies, the lusophone diaspora, and the construction of national identity. Bibliography will vary each year.
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PGSE 6628

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Summer 2014 Language Schools, Portuguese 7 week

PGSE6628A-L14 Lecture (Silveira, Ribeiro)