Women in Mediterranean World

Woman’s Condition in the Mediterranean World

The woman’s condition, in particular in the Middle East and in North Africa, is the object of numerous international reports and local and regional actions. If often in the West we assimilate the deterioration of the woman’s condition with regard to a civilization or to a religion, the reality is more complex. In this course we will examine the conditions of women in an evolutionary perspective through diverse civilizations and religions. In addition to a sociocultural perspective, we will study the public policies that have been organized in the Mediterranean Sea, both at the state level and at the regional level. Which are the key measures adopted by the Mediterranean States to favor the equality between men and women and the challenges that they face in the process of application of these actions? Finally the third part of this course will be dedicated to woman’s condition after the phenomenon of the Arab Spring and its impact on public liberties and women’s rights.

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FREN 6687

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Summer 2013, LS 6 Week Session

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