ECON 0431

Economics of European Union

Economics of the European Union
This course will introduce students to the major economies of Western Europe and also the economic functions and structure of the institutions of the European Union. The course aims to familiarize students with the theoretical economic and policy issues that are currently of concern in the European Union. Moreover, the course aims to analyze economic problems that are of particular relevance to the member states of the European Union, such as the coordination of policies within an intergovernmental supranational framework and how to sustain the integration dynamic. (ECON 0250 or IPEC 0240 [formerly ECON 0240]) 3 hrs. sem.
Social Sciences
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Fall 2022

ECON0431A-F22 Seminar (Sargent)

Fall 2020

ECON0431A-F20 Seminar (Sargent)
ECON0431B-F20 Seminar (Sargent)

Spring 2020

ECON0431A-S20 Seminar (Sargent)

Spring 2019

ECON0431A-S19 Seminar (Sargent)

Fall 2018

ECON0431A-F18 Seminar (Sargent)

Spring 2018

ECON0431A-S18 Seminar (Sargent)

Fall 2017

ECON0431A-F17 Seminar (Sargent)

Spring 2010

ECON0431A-S10 Seminar (Warin)

Spring 2009

ECON0431A-S09 Seminar (Warin)

Fall 2008

ECON0431A-F08 Seminar (Warin)

Spring 2008

ECON0431A-S08 Seminar (Warin)

Spring 2007

ECON0431A-S07 Seminar (Warin)

Spring 2006

ECON0431A-S06 Seminar (Warin)

Fall 2004

ECON0431A-F04 Seminar (Warin)

Spring 2004

ECON0431A-S04 Seminar (Warin)
ECON0431B-S04 Seminar (Warin)