SPAN 6637A

Ideology& Discourse in Spanish

Ideology and Discourse in Spanish SL/FL/HL
*This course is taught in Buenos Aires, Argentina.*

1. Description: The teaching of Spanish as a Second, Foreign or Heritage language began to change its objectives since the 1980´s, when grammar was abandoned as the exclusive purpose of learning a language. During the XXIst it developed into the observation and analysis of how language works in real communication-- that is, in discourse-- paying special attention to the values that words acquire. Thus, the intentionality or the ideological prejudices of those who use them are best detected in the context that discourse, and not grammar provides.
This course will focus on some of the current and controversial issues present in languages, with special attention to the attitudes and beliefs that Spanish-speakers have about the Spanish language. We will study in detail discursive issues such as Pluricentrism vs. Eurocentrism, Sexism in the Spanish language, Gender-inclusive language, or the ideological content of the materials for the teaching and evaluation of Spanish in the classroom context.

2 Objectives: Students enrolled in this course will be able to analyze how ideology filters into communication in Spanish and how arguments from a linguistic basis can be built that allow them to participate in the debate. These objectives can be achieved with the acquisition of some skills and abilities that should include the following aspects:
 Knowledge of popular attitudes and prejudices towards the Spanish varieties
 Identification of the sexist uses of the Spanish language and the linguistic actions undertaken to eliminate them
 Analysis of linguistic procedures for inclusive language
 Critical Discourse Analysis on the materials for the Spanish classroom
Spanish (& Portuguese UG)
Language School
Requirements Fulfilled:
Linguistics Pedagogy

Sections in Summer 2023 Language Schools

Summer 2023 Language Schools, Buenos Aires 6 Week Session

SPAN6637AA-L23 Lecture (Evangelista de Gonzalez, Molina Sanguesa)