ARBC 3198

High Elementary Arabic

This course of study is designed for students who have had some exposure to Arabic through an academic institution, through living for a period of time in an Arab country, or through private tutoring in the language. Students at this level typically come from different backgrounds, have studied using different textbooks, and have different levels of proficiency. Students are expected to use Arabic exclusively from the outset and all instruction is conducted in Arabic. Students in this level are exposed to authentic reading and listening materials that are of more depth and length than those used in Level 1. The speaking and writing assignments are more varied and more demanding than Level 1 assignments. Students at this level are required to write and edit their compositions using Arabic word-processing software available at the School, in addition to other technological features such as digitized sound for Al-Kitaab lessons and reading and listening assignments from the Internet. Students are expected to spend between four and five hours a day outside of class working on assignments and preparing for next day's class. (1 unit)
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Summer 2023 Language Schools

ARBC3198A-L23 Lecture (El-Shamy, Guaad)