CRWR 0308

Nonfiction across Genres

Nonfiction across Genres
In this seminar on contemporary nonfiction across genres, we will focus on notions of truth and how it is told in various subgenres. We will read, watch, and closely analyze archives, blogs, vlogs, journalism, narrative nonfiction, memoir, lyric nonfiction, haibun, graphic memoir, photo essays, film essays, podcasts, lists, and theory. We will ask why authors select the subgenres they do and investigate how artistic sense is made of worldly concerns. As there is a workshop component to this course, we will write, comment upon, and revise our own diverse works of nonfiction. 3 hrs. lect.
Creative Writing
English & American Literatures
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Spring 2022

CRWR0308A-S22 Seminar (Ulmer)