FREN 6635

Issues of Global Health:Africa

Critical Issues of Global Health in Africa

Global health is one of the major changes that has occurred in the field of international development. Africa is experiencing this new framework of international health and development. With historical and social perspectives on international health programs, the course will examine concepts of global health within the African context. The course will focus on the actors, systems, and contexts of the global health experiments. The deconstruction of the notion of global health in the context of postcolonial and de-colonial theories will be discussed. The management of the current public health issues in Africa such as endemic and epidemic diseases will be the primary focus of the analysis.
Required Text:
Broin M. (ed.), Delaporte E. (ed.), Duru M. (ed.), Izopet J. (ed.), Paul M. (ed.), Roger F. (ed.), Simard Frédéric (ed.), Santé globale : homme, animal, plantes, environnement : pour des approches intégrées de la santé, Dossiers d'Agropolis International. 2019, ISSN: 1628-4240
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