FREN 3401

Advanced Grammar

Level 4: Advanced French: Level 4 is designed for students who have had significant previous instruction in French, are already able to express themselves in French fluently and spontaneously, using idiomatic sentences and colloquialisms, and will easily adapt to and study in full immersion. Typically, students at this level demonstrate a high level of proficiency in all language skills. Students in Level 4 take four classes a day, comprising two required courses and two electives. All students at this level take a course in Advanced Grammar and Composition and a course in Oral Production and Pronunciation. Additionally, students elect two courses in the areas of contemporary Francophone Cultures and Societies and/or Literatures.

By the end of this seven-week immersion program, students should reach a B2+/C1 level of proficiency in all language skills, be able to express themselves fluently and spontaneously, to produce sophisticated speech and writing on complex political, social, cultural and/or literary topics relating to the French speaking world.

3401 Advanced Grammar
This course develops a thorough understanding of the mechanisms of the French language in order to improve students’ writing skills. Grammatical structures will be analyzed in three types of texts (narrative, descriptive and expressive).
Required text:
• Maïa GREGOIRE, Alina KOSTUCKI, Grammaire progressive du français (avec 600 exercices), B2/C2 Perfectionnement, CLE international, 2017, ISBN : 978-209-038209-9
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Requirements Fulfilled:

Sections in Summer 2021 Language Schools, LS 7 Week Session

Summer 2021 Language Schools, LS 7 Week Session

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