ARBC 6689

Tech in the AFL Lang Classroom

Technology in the AFL Language Classroom
This course introduces students to the theoretical and pedagogical underpinnings of technology integration into the Arabic as a Foreign Language (AFL) classroom. The course starts by examining the relationship between Second Language Acquisition (SLA) theories and the implementation of technology in the AFL classroom. Students will learn how to evaluate different technological tools based on SLA theories, ACTFL Standards, and the Communicative Approach to language instruction. They will also learn how to design and implement technology-based language learning activities in the AFL classroom following sound pedagogical principles and best practices in foreign language instruction. While the readings in this course will be in both English and Arabic, the course will be taught exclusively in Arabic, and it will engage students in a variety of activities including pair- and group-work activities, discussions, presentations, daily homework assignments, quizzes, class projects, and a final paper. While this course will be taught in person, both synchronous and asynchronous communication tools will be used as well.
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Requirements Fulfilled:
Linguistics Pedagogy

Sections in Summer 2021 Language Schools, LS 6 Week Session

Summer 2021 Language Schools, LS 6 Week Session

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