GEOL 0302

Climate and Earth's History

Climate and Earth’s History
In this course we will discuss how external forces and internal feedbacks within the Earth system govern climate. Specific topics will include orbital variability, changes in ocean circulation, CO2 uptake in terrestrial ecosystems, and molecular vibrational controls on infrared absorption and Earth's heat budget. We will then examine climate change through Earth's history as evidenced by a number of geologic proxies including the sedimentary record, ice cores, isotopic records, glaciers, soils, and tree rings. Ultimately, our improved understanding of past climates will provide a context within which to discuss future changes to come. (Formally GEOL 0221) (one GEOL course, or by waiver) 3 hrs. lect.
Natural Sciences
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ECSC 0302 *
GEOL 0221
ECSC 0221

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