INTD 1243

Climate Action for All

Climate Action for All: Foundations, Paths, Skills
Vermont and China flooded, smoke from Canadian fires, record-breaking heat waves. Climate change is here with deeply unequal impacts. Yet there’s so much to do to reverse the tide while fostering adaptive, resilient communities. Everyone has a part to play. In this course, students from all backgrounds and interests will develop a baseline understanding of climate science, impacts, and approaches. Students will assess how the needs of the climate crisis match up with their own skills and passions. Hearing directly from stakeholders and leaders through lectures, discussions, and workshops, students will explore the many paths to just climate action. They will leave with an improved understanding of what kind of action is needed, where action is happening, and what their roles might be, all coupled with an enhanced skills toolkit. Pass/Fail
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Sections in Winter 2021

Winter 2021

INTD1243A-W21 Lecture (Byrne, Calvi, Gagne, McKibben, Vitek)
INTD1243Q-W21 Discussion (Byrne)
INTD1243R-W21 Discussion (Byrne)
INTD1243S-W21 Discussion (Byrne)
INTD1243T-W21 Discussion (Byrne)
INTD1243U-W21 Discussion (Byrne)
INTD1243V-W21 Discussion (Byrne)
INTD1243W-W21 Discussion (Byrne)
INTD1243X-W21 Discussion (Byrne)
INTD1243Y-W21 Discussion (Byrne)
INTD1243Z-W21 Discussion (Byrne)