ANTH 0710

Multi-Semester Senior Project

Multi-Semester Senior Project
Under the guidance of a faculty member, a senior will carry out an independent multi-semester research project, often based on original data. The student must also participate in a senior seminar that begins the first week of fall semester and meets as necessary during the rest of the year. The final product must be presented in a written report of 60-100 pages, due either at the end of the Winter Term or the Friday after spring break.
Social Sciences
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Sections in Fall 2019, SA UGs Full Term

Fall 2019

ANTH0710A-F19 Senior Work
ANTH0710B-F19 Senior Work (Bright)
ANTH0710C-F19 Senior Work (Fitzsimmons)
ANTH0710D-F19 Senior Work (Nevins)
ANTH0710E-F19 Senior Work (Oxfeld)
ANTH0710F-F19 Senior Work (Sheridan)