CHEM 0270

Environ. Chem & Health

Environmental Chemistry & Health
IIn this course we will investigate the relationship between molecular structure and the behavior of chemical pollutants in natural and built environments, the science underlying health effects of toxic exposures, and environmental justice concerns associated with pollutant exposures. Through readings and active problem solving, we will examine the chemistry governing global transport and partitioning of chemicals among soils/sediments, waters, the atmosphere, and biota (including humans), as well as contaminant remediation strategies. We will study foundational principles of environmental toxicology and take a case study approach to identifying patterns of environmental injustice. In the laboratory, we will apply methods for monitoring pollution, understanding pollutant behavior, and assessing toxicity. 3 hrs. lect., 3 hrs. lab
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Chemistry & Biochemistry
Natural Sciences
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ENVS 0270

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Spring 2019

CHEM0270A-S19 Lecture (Costanza-Robinson)
CHEM0270Z-S19 Lab (Costanza-Robinson)