ART 0396

Photog:Origins & Shooting Film

Origins of Photography: Shooting Film
In this course students will track photography’s evolution historically and technically as we create lense-based art. We will start in the darkroom making photograms, shooting film with a manual SLR camera, and printing black and white wet process images. The second half of the semester we will continue shooting film while transitioning into scanning and color digital printing. Emphasis will be on development of an individual creative voice through close personal attention. In addition to studio work we will be studying the history of photography. Required: 35mm film SLR camera (preferable) or 8MP (or bigger) DSLR camera manual focus, aperture, and shutter. 6 hrs. lect./lab
Studio Art
Program in Studio Art
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Sections in Fall 2017, SA UGs Full Term

Fall 2017

ART0396A-F17 Lecture (Leftheris)