ART 0185


I Draw Therefore I See: Observe, Visualize, and Imagine
Observation. Visualization. Imagination. These are very important approaches to make a meaningful drawing. In this course we will learn how to draw using graphite, conté, ink, markers, and other media to develop confidence and a solid understanding of line, value, and perspective. We will also draw the human figure to understand portraiture and anatomy. Looking at examples throughout the centuries we will get an understanding of the importance of the image (in the 21st century more so than ever) and of being able to express oneself visually. Since the moving image is THE contemporary vehicle of communication in a world where nearly every reality is virtual, our final assignment will be a short drawing animation. 3 hrs. lect./lab
Studio Art
Program in Studio Art
Requirements Fulfilled:

Sections in Fall 2017, SA UGs Full Term

Fall 2017

ART0185A-F17 Lecture (Wallner)