PSYC 0703

Senior Thesis

Senior Thesis*
This is the third and final semester of the senior thesis. Students will finish analyzing and interpreting their data. This process culminates in a written thesis to be submitted by the due date as specified by the department, a presentation, and an oral defense. The decision about awarding departmental honors will be made after the student submits the thesis. (PSYC 0201, PSYC 0202, and PSYC 0702; Approval required)
Social Sciences
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Sections in Winter 2017

Winter 2017

PSYC0703B-W17 Senior Work (Arndt)
PSYC0703C-W17 Senior Work (Baldridge)
PSYC0703D-W17 Senior Work (Collaer)
PSYC0703E-W17 Senior Work (Cronise)
PSYC0703F-W17 Senior Work (Seehuus)
PSYC0703G-W17 Senior Work (Gurland)
PSYC0703H-W17 Senior Work (Hofer)
PSYC0703I-W17 Senior Work (Kimble)
PSYC0703K-W17 Senior Work (McCauley)
PSYC0703L-W17 Senior Work (Dash)
PSYC0703M-W17 Senior Work (Velez)
PSYC0703O-W17 Senior Work (Moeller)
PSYC0703Q-W17 Senior Work (Parker)