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Collective Memory & Art in SA

Collective Memory & Art in South America
Collective memory has been one of the main subjects for artistic practices during and after the dictatorships in South America. The term memory —that includes its opposite, forgetfulness— in its social and collective shape, is the issue of this course. Artistic production and militancy have been the most important strategies to keep collective memory alive in this region. We will analyze and compare the artistic productions from Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay as well as Memory places and cultural institutions’ role in these countries. Special attention will be paid to Argentina, focusing on the Military and Civic Dictatorship (1976-1983) due to the deep experience that this particular society has achieved in order to give back truth and justice to the victims of the state terrorism. Images, musical, and video material will be shared and analyzed in class. (1 unit)
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