FREN 6620

Literature and Politics

Literature and Politics, a Shared History

Germaine de Staël was the first to underline the peculiar link between literature and politics. Writers have contributed through their art to the big debates over the years; they have influenced political behaviors and ideas, in their own way. They have been as well indicators for the passions and tensions of a society which often put the question of power at the heart of ideological struggles. This propinquity originates from French language, its use and evolution, which takes a full part in this troubled history. This fully justifies exploring two centuries of literature, mainly French, through texts and authors and discovering those struggles, no less strong than battles or barricades.
Four major themes will be addressed, in six chronological steps: the founding dialogue of two savoyards: Jean-Jacques Rousseau – Joseph de Maistre (Revolution, Counter Revolution), the lampoon as a weapon, literary review, the novel reflecting political engagement. Texts will illustrate the classes, following the order and underlining the main themes.
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