PSYC 0406

Psychological Trauma

Psychological Trauma
Current evidence indicates that we have a 50/50 chance of being exposed to a psychologically-traumatizing event during our lifetime. This seminar explores psychological trauma from social, psychological, and biological perspectives. The course will cover the antecedents and consequences of trauma, past and present treatment approaches, and current controversies in the field (i.e., repressed memory, false disability claims). We will consider examples from literature, case studies, and current journal articles Assessment will be based on participation, presentation, and written work. (PSYC 0105; open to junior and senior psychology majors; neuroscience majors by waiver) 3 hrs sem.
Social Sciences
Requirements Fulfilled:

Sections in Spring 2015, SA UGs Full Term

Spring 2015

PSYC0406A-S15 Seminar (Kimble)