STLD 1007

Microgrid Feasibility Study

Campus Microgrid Feasibility Study
Microgrids are emerging as a key part of the local movement. By shortening the connection between energy production and consumption, microgrids promote a decentralized approach to power distribution that is more efficient, more democratic, more renewable, more resilient to grid failures, and often more cost effective. In this course we will work in teams to assess the feasibility of creating a microgrid at Middlebury College with a focus on policy and financial modeling. This course will be hands on and horizontally structured, modeled after previous student efforts that brought the biomass plant, the solar array, and the carbon neutrality to campus. The application for this course is available at go/middgrid.(Approval required; Credit/No Credit)
Student Led (Winter)
Student Led (Winter)
Requirements Fulfilled:
non-standard grade WTR

Sections in Winter 2015

Winter 2015

STLD1007A-W15 Seminar (Allen, Student Taught)