FREN 6639

World Economy 1945-2014

The World Economy from 1945 to 2014
(Section A - Methodology ; Section B - Civilization)

The aim of this course is to give the students a broad view of the main economical events since the post war reconstruction to the world crisis.
We will first study the rebuilding of the world economy after the WWII, the beginning of the common market, the thirties golden years as well as the american leadership. Then, we will focus on the oil crisis and of the new economical order that came after the seventies. In this period, we will study the windening of Europe, the collapse of communist world and the victory of liberalism. Finally, we will explain the outcome of the globalisation and the rise the emmerging economies like China, India and Brazil as well as the growth of the African countries. Of course, we will spend some time to explain the world crisis and its consequences on the economical structures. We will give an interdisciplinary view of those topics. Our analysis will be mainly economical but we will also give a sociological, cultural and historical point of view. The students do not need to have an economical background to follow this course.

Required Text:
Daniel Cohen; La Prospérité du vice; ISBN est : 978-2-253-15965-0; édition le livre de poche
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