ITAL 6648

Neorealism and Visual Arts

Although conventionally, neo-realism has been associated with social problems and mere representation of reality, in this course we will study how this innovative style causes a theory break with the documentary style and with socialist realism, on the formal and expressive levels, as a reinterpretation and a fantastic subjective reworking of reality. The course begins with the study of how photography was used by realist writers such as Verga and Capuana and their successive use of cinema in the early 1900s. We will go on to analyze the literary and cinematic works of Carlo Bernari and Cesare Zavattini and the influence of photography, painting, and theater on their work. During the course numerous unpublished materials will be used along with photographs by Verga, Bernari and Zavattini.

Required Texts:
Giovanni Verga, Tutto il teatro, Milano, Garzanti, 2000. ISBN 88-11-36353-5 2)
Giovanni Verga, Tutte le novelle, Milano, Mondadori, Meridiani,
ISBN 9770553109215
Cesare Zavattini, Come nasce un soggettto cinematografico, Milano, Bompiani 2001, ISBN, 88-452-5004-0
Cesare Zavattini, Grave; /Totò il buono, entrambe in Opere, Milano Bompiani, 2001, ISBN, 88-452-5004-0
Carlo Bernari, Tre operai, Venezia, Marsilio, ISBN, 978-88-317-0844-9
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