PSYC 0312

Child Therapies:TheoryPractice

Child Therapy: Theory and Practice
For well over fifty years, therapists have been using play and other therapies to understand and relieve psychological distress in children. Do these therapies work? If so, how and for whom? In this course we will critically examine the theoretical underpinnings of therapies with children, weigh the research evidence supporting their effectiveness in treating a range of diagnoses, and explore issues at the intersection of theory and practice. Our work will be guided by theoretical and empirical texts, as well as videotaped and potentially mock or live simulated or actual therapeutic sessions that students will observe, conduct, and/or critique. (PSYC 0216 or PSYC 0224 or PSYC 0225; Open to Psychology majors only) 3 hrs. lect./1.5 hrs lab.
Social Sciences
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PSYC0312A-F13 Lecture (Gurland)
PSYC0312Z-F13 Lab (Gurland)