ECON 0444

International Trade

International Trade
We will study a variety of theories relating to trade between nations in goods, services, and assets. Effects and desirability of commercial policy, tariffs, and other controls on trade will be examined. Issues of export promotion, import substitution, strategic trade policy, foreign direct investment, role of multinationals, outsourcing, and economic integration will be analyzed in depth. We will also explore the relationship between increased capital flows, financial crises, and trade flows in the world economy. Particular attention will be paid to trade and economic development linkages in the context of the current debates on globalization. (ECON 0250 required; ECON 0340 recommended; or by approval) 3 hrs. sem.
Social Sciences
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Fall 2012

ECON0444A-F12 Seminar (Hakobyan)
ECON0444B-F12 Seminar (Hakobyan)