ITAL 6567

Italian on Stage

Italian on Stage: The Myth of Commedia dell'Arte

The course will study the Commedia dell'Arte focusing on figures ranging from the buffoons of the Middle Ages up to Goldoni's characters. As well, representative texts, scenarios, and acting techniques of the most celebrated Italian comic theatre tradition will be analyzed. All students in this workshop are expected to act in and/or to assist in the production of the play that will be performed prior to the end of the session.

Required texts: Siro Ferrone, Attori mercanti corsari, Einaudi Torino 1993 ISBN 8806131834

Roberto Alone, Goldoni dalla Commedia dell'Arte al dramma Borghese. Garzanti 2004, ISBN 8811600375

Carlo Goldoni, Il servitore di due padroni. Einaudi 2002 (Libro e DvD) ISBN 8806162853

Carlo Goldoni, Il teatro Comico - Memorie italiane. Mondadori 1983, ISBN 8804228927

Eduardo de Filippo, L'arte della Commedia. Einaudi Torino 1965 ISBN 8806065939
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Summer 2009, LS 6 Week Session

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