WAGS 0392

Seminar in Religious Ethics

Seminar in Religious Ethics: Sex, Marriage, and Family in Jewish and Christian Ethics
In this course, we will study the theological significance of sex, marriage, and family within contemporary Jewish, Catholic, and Protestant ethical discourse. Through a close reading of official statements and works by prominent theologians, we will consider how different voices within these communities balance loyalty to historical tradition with attention to modern social and scientific understandings of sexuality, reproduction, and child-rearing. We will study conservative and progressive perspectives, with special attention given to women's voices. Specific topics may include extramarital sex, contraception, homosexuality, adoption, and reproductive technologies. (RELI 0190, RELI 0293) 3 hrs. sem.
Women's & Gender Studies
Prog in Women's & Gender Study
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WAGS 0390
RELI 0390 *

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Spring 2009

WAGS0392A-S09 Seminar (Davis)