ENVS 0360

Env Science Practicum

Research Methods in Vermont Environmental Science
In this course students will have a hands-on opportunity to study the local and regional environment through the lens of interdisciplinary scientific research. Through a class research project that integrates knowledge and techniques across the disciplines of biology, chemistry, geology, and physics, students will gain experience conducting research in the environmental sciences, acquire a practical understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of environmental science, and develop an appreciation for the power of science to elucidate environmental processes. Projects change from year to year and are designed to introduce you to field and laboratory data collection and the use of statistics and GIS to analyze and present findings. Recent projects have examined relationships among biota, bedrock and soils within the context of acid rain and maple syrup composition (final reports from past projects are available on the Environmental Studies service learning webpage). (ENVS 0112, plus at least one lab course in biology, chemistry, geology, or physics) 2 hrs. lect., 3 hrs. lab
Environmental Studies
Prog in Environmental Studies
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Spring 2009

ENVS0360A-S09 Lecture (Costanza-Robinson)
ENVS0360Z-S09 Lab (Costanza-Robinson)