SPAN 6784

Race, Diaspora, Ghosts

How do the themes of race, exile and spectrality (the cultural production of ghosts) intersect? We will explore these issues in literary, film and theoretical texts from Spain and Spanish America, among them: Villaverde´s Cecilia Valdés, Borges´ short stories, Bombal's La última niebla, Rulfo´s Pedro Páramo, García´s The Aguero Sisters, Fuentes´ Aura , Marías´ Corazón tan blanco. We shall discuss the relevant theories of Freud (particularly, the Uncanny), Marx, Ortiz, Derrida, and others , and will host a parallel film series. (1 unit)

Required texts: 1) Villaverde, Cirilo, Cecilia Valdes, ed. by Lamore, ISBN 8437610567; 2) Rulfo, Juan, Pedro Paramo, ISBN 8437604184; 3) Borges, J.L, Ficciones, ISBN 8420633127; 4) Marias, Javier, Corazon tan blanco, ISBN 8495501031; 5) Derrida, Jacques, Spectres of Marx, tr. Kamuf, ISBN 978-0415389570; 6) Garcia, Cristina, The Aguero Sisters, ISBN 978-0345406514; 7) Fuentes, Carlos, Aura, ISBN 9684111819; 8) Fuentes, Carlos, Una familia lejana, ISBN 9684110375; 9) Bombal, Maria L, La ultima niebla, ISBN 8432230553; 10) Morrison, Toni, Beloved, ISBN 978-1400033416
Spanish (& Portuguese UG)
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Sections in Summer 2008, LS 7 Week Session

Summer 2008, LS 6 Week Session

SPAN6784A-L08 Lecture (Santi)