BIOL 0335

Human Microanatomy

Human Microanatomy
This histology course will focus on the relationships between the structure and function of cells and tissues. You will gain a deep understanding of the cellular features that characterize individual cell types and how these are organized to form each tissue type. Structural features will be used to explore and discuss functions at the cellular, tissue, and whole organ system level. We will cover the specialized tissues and major organs of the human body. This is a course in which laboratory sessions are designed to provide you with an active learning experience that reinforces lecture content. Based on this combination of lecture and laboratory components, students will be able to identify and interpret sections of human tissues and correlate microscopic architecture with function and/or pathology. Students will also prepare and stain their own tissue sections for fluorescence microscopy. (BIOL 0250, or BIOL 0140 and BIOL 0145, or waiver).
Natural Sciences
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Fall 2005

BIOL0335A-F05 Lecture (Combelles)
BIOL0335Z-F05 Lab (Combelles)