PSCI 0416

Latin American Pol Development

Latin American Political Development (in Spanish)
This course will examine the political development of Latin America after independence. Major topics in the course will include: leadership and caudillismo, nationalism and the relationship between Latin America and the outside world, democracy and authoritarianism, revolutionary movements and electoral systems. Readings for the course will draw on the work of Latin American social scientists and novelists, and will also include speeches and writings from Latin American political leaders. A major goal of the course is to build an ability to carry on sophisticated discussion of Latin American politics in Spanish. Most readings will be in Spanish, and all classes will be conducted in Spanish. If there is sufficient student interest, a supplemental discussion in Portuguese will be added. This course will fulfill the advanced language course requirement for International Studies majors. Students may also use the course to receive elective credit in the Spanish department, though it does not fulfill the SPAN senior seminar requirement. 3 hrs. sem. (Comparative Politics)/
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