WAGS 0400

Women/Gender-Intd Perspectives

Women and Gender: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Open to students who have completed two introductory courses in women's and gender studies, this seminar is designed to prepare majors in the women's and gender studies program for senior work. It also serves as an advanced reading seminar for other students with course work in women's and gender studies. The class will explore how the category of gender shapes academic scholarship across the disciplines and informs public debate over women's issues. What themes, research goals, and problems unify the work of women's and gender studies across the disciplines? How is the category of gender related to other categories of identity and/or social location? Topics may include legal and political reform, language, reason and emotion, sexuality, and visual representations of the body. (WAGS 0200) 3 hrs. lect.
Women's & Gender Studies
Prog in Women's & Gender Study
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Fall 2012

WAGS0400A-F12 Seminar (Kelly)

Fall 2007

WAGS0400A-F07 Lecture (Moorti)

Fall 2006

WAGS0400A-F06 Lecture (Moorti)

Fall 2005

WAGS0400A-F05 Lecture (Moorti)

Fall 2004

WAGS0400A-F04 Lecture (Grasswick)

Fall 2003

WAGS0400A-F03 Lecture (Fee)