WAGS 0230

Gender Images in Pop Am Cult

Gender Images in American Popular Culture
In this course, we will examine representations of gender in American popular culture. Course materials will include 19th century popular music, literature, and theater, early 20th century advertising and film, 1950s television, and more recent electronic media. Considering a range of cultural forms over a broad historical period allows us to determine the impact that particular media have had on our conceptions of gender difference. Finally, by becoming critical readers of popular cultural forms that represent manhood and womanhood, we gain a greater appreciation for the complexity, variability, and open-endedness of gender constructions within American life. 3 hrs. lect.
Women's & Gender Studies
Prog in Women's & Gender Study
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GSFS 0230
AMST 0230 *


Fall 2012

WAGS0230A-F12 Lecture (Allen)

Spring 2010

WAGS0230A-S10 Lecture (Allen)

Spring 2008

WAGS0230A-S08 Lecture (Allen)