THEA 0324

Directing II: Advanced

Directing II: Advanced
This is a course for the upper level theatre student with previous experience in directing. Students will be exposed to various contemporary performance modes and styles and will devote half the semester to the exploration, rehearsal and performance of a substantive text. Attention will be given to the director/designer collaboration, working with actors, and the pragmatic aspects of mounting a production. This course is required for students hoping to propose independent work in directing, but is open to any student with the appropriate prerequisites. (Approval required; THEA 0214, additional directing experience or by waiver) 4 hrs. lect.
Theatre and Dance
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Equivalent Courses:
THEA 0238 *
THEA 0237


Fall 2018

THEA0324A-F18 Lecture (Faraone)

Fall 2017

THEA0324A-F17 Lecture (Faraone)

Spring 2013

THEA0324A-S13 Lecture (Faraone)

Fall 2011

THEA0324A-F11 Lecture (Faraone)

Fall 2010

THEA0324A-F10 Lecture (Faraone)

Fall 2008

THEA0324A-F08 Lecture (Faraone)

Fall 2006

THEA0324A-F06 Lecture (Faraone)

Spring 2005

THEA0324A-S05 Lecture (Faraone)

Fall 2003

THEA0324A-F03 Lecture (Faraone)