THEA 0220

Spring Production Studio: Act

Spring Production Studio: Acting
The cast works as part of a company, interpreting, rehearsing, and performing a play. Those receiving credit can expect to rehearse four to six nights a week. Appropriate written work is required. Participation in the course is determined by auditions held during the term prior to the performance. (Approval required) 3 hrs. lect.
Requirements Fulfilled:
Equivalent Courses:


Spring 2025

THEA0220A-S25 Lecture
THEA0220B-S25 Lecture

Spring 2024

THEA0220A-S24 Lecture (Sanchez Saltveit)
THEA0220B-S24 Lecture (Medeiros)

Spring 2023

THEA0220A-S23 Lecture (Sanchez Saltveit)
THEA0220B-S23 Lecture (Draper)

Spring 2022

THEA0220A-S22 Lecture (Draper)

Spring 2021

THEA0220A-S21 Lecture (Draper)
THEA0220B-S21 Lecture (Sanchez Saltveit)

Spring 2020

THEA0220A-S20 Lecture (Draper)
THEA0220B-S20 Lecture (Faraone)

Spring 2019

THEA0220A-S19 Lecture (Medeiros)
THEA0220B-S19 Lecture (Biancosino)

Spring 2018

THEA0220A-S18 Lecture (Biancosino)
THEA0220B-S18 Lecture (Faraone)

Spring 2017

THEA0220A-S17 Lecture (Faraone, Draper)
THEA0220B-S17 Lecture (Mildenberg)

Spring 2016

THEA0220A-S16 Lecture (Faraone)
THEA0220B-S16 Lecture (Medeiros)

Spring 2015

THEA0220A-S15 Lecture (Draper)
THEA0220B-S15 Lecture (Medeiros)

Spring 2014

THEA0220A-S14 Lecture (Smith)
THEA0220B-S14 Lecture (Medeiros)

Spring 2013

THEA0220A-S13 Lecture (Smith)
THEA0220B-S13 Lecture (Romagnoli)

Spring 2012

THEA0220A-S12 Lecture (Dunn)
THEA0220B-S12 Lecture (Faraone)

Spring 2011

THEA0220A-S11 Lecture (Draper)
THEA0220B-S11 Lecture (Romagnoli)

Spring 2010

THEA0220A-S10 Lecture (Medeiros)
THEA0220B-S10 Lecture (Faraone)

Spring 2009

THEA0220A-S09 Lecture (Mildenberg)
THEA0220B-S09 Lecture (Romagnoli)

Spring 2008

THEA0220A-S08 Lecture (Medeiros)
THEA0220B-S08 Lecture (Faraone, Draper)

Spring 2007

THEA0220A-S07 Lecture (Faraone)
THEA0220B-S07 Lecture

Spring 2006

THEA0220A-S06 Lecture (Williams)
THEA0220B-S06 Lecture (Medeiros)

Spring 2005

THEA0220A-S05 Lecture (Medeiros)
THEA0220B-S05 Lecture (Sprigg)

Spring 2004

THEA0220A-S04 Lecture (Medeiros)
THEA0220B-S04 Lecture (Sprigg)