THEA 0214

Directing I: Beginning

Directing I: Beginning
As a group, students will analyze one or two plays to discover the process involved in preparing a script for production. Attention will be given to production and design concepts, textual values, auditions, rehearsals, and the structuring of a performance in time and space. Students will also cast and direct one or more scenes to be worked on and performed in class. The practical work is combined with written analysis. (Approval required; ARDV 0116, THEA 0102) 4 hrs. lect.
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Spring 2024

THEA0214A-S24 Lecture (Medeiros)

Fall 2022

THEA0214A-F22 Lecture (Biancosino)

Spring 2022

THEA0214A-S22 Lecture (Sanchez Saltveit)

Spring 2021

THEA0214A-S21 Lecture (Biancosino)

Spring 2020

THEA0214A-S20 Lecture (Medeiros)

Spring 2019

THEA0214A-S19 Lecture (Biancosino)

Spring 2018

THEA0214A-S18 Lecture (Medeiros)

Spring 2017

THEA0214A-S17 Lecture (Mildenberg)

Fall 2016

THEA0214A-F16 Lecture (Biancosino)

Spring 2016

THEA0214A-S16 Lecture (Faraone)

Spring 2015

THEA0214A-S15 Lecture (Medeiros)

Spring 2014

THEA0214A-S14 Lecture (Medeiros)

Spring 2013

THEA0214A-S13 Lecture (Romagnoli)

Spring 2012

THEA0214A-S12 Lecture (Romagnoli)

Fall 2011

THEA0214A-F11 Lecture (Romagnoli)

Spring 2011

THEA0214A-S11 Lecture (Faraone)

Spring 2010

THEA0214A-S10 Lecture (Romagnoli)

Fall 2009

THEA0214A-F09 Lecture (Faraone)

Spring 2009

THEA0214A-S09 Lecture (Romagnoli)

Fall 2008

THEA0214A-F08 Lecture (Romagnoli)

Spring 2008

THEA0214A-S08 Lecture (Faraone)

Spring 2007

THEA0214A-S07 Lecture (Romagnoli)
THEA0214B-S07 Lecture (Romagnoli)

Spring 2006

THEA0214A-S06 Lecture (Faraone)

Fall 2005

THEA0214A-F05 Lecture (Faraone)

Fall 2004

THEA0214A-F04 Lecture (Faraone)

Fall 2003

THEA0214A-F03 Lecture (Sprigg)