THEA 0113

Lighting Design I: Beginning

Lighting Design I: Beginning
This course examines historical and present lighting theories, theatrical artistic movements, and theatrical literature, leading to the planning and conceptual development of the lighting plot. Class projects will also introduce the student to sketching, painting, sculpture, script analysis, and presentation skills. In addition, students will work on productions in order to understand better how theory relates to practice. 25 hours of production lab work will be assigned in class/3 hrs. lect.
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Spring 2025

THEA0113A-S25 Lecture

Spring 2024

THEA0113A-S24 Lecture (Smith)

Spring 2023

THEA0113A-S23 Lecture (Evancho)

Spring 2022

THEA0113A-S22 Lecture (Evancho)

Spring 2021

THEA0113A-S21 Lecture (Evancho)

Spring 2020

THEA0113A-S20 Lecture (Evancho)

Fall 2018

THEA0113A-F18 Lecture (Evancho)

Spring 2018

THEA0113A-S18 Lecture (Evancho)

Spring 2017

THEA0113A-S17 Lecture (Evancho)

Spring 2016

THEA0113A-S16 Lecture (Evancho)

Spring 2015

THEA0113A-S15 Lecture (Evancho)

Spring 2014

THEA0113A-S14 Lecture (Evancho)

Spring 2013

THEA0113A-S13 Lecture (Zieselman)

Spring 2012

THEA0113A-S12 Lecture (Evancho)

Spring 2011

THEA0113A-S11 Lecture (Evancho)

Spring 2010

THEA0113A-S10 Lecture (Evancho)

Spring 2009

THEA0113A-S09 Lecture (Evancho)

Spring 2008

THEA0113A-S08 Lecture (Evancho)

Spring 2007

THEA0113A-S07 Lecture

Fall 2006

THEA0113A-F06 Lecture (Evancho)

Spring 2006

THEA0113A-S06 Lecture (Evancho)

Spring 2005

THEA0113A-S05 Lecture (Evancho)
THEA0113X-S05 Lab (Evancho)
THEA0113Y-S05 Lab (Evancho)
THEA0113Z-S05 Lab (Evancho)

Spring 2004

THEA0113A-S04 Lecture (Evancho)
THEA0113X-S04 Lab (Evancho)
THEA0113Y-S04 Lab (Evancho)
THEA0113Z-S04 Lab (Evancho)