THEA 0101

Visual Creativity for Stage

Visual Creativity for Stage
Students will develop an understanding of color, line, form, shape, texture, and balance as they apply to historical and current theatrical literature. Projects in figure drawing, charcoal and chalk, watercolor painting, and model making are intended to stretch the student's research ability, artistic imagination, critical-analysis, and presentation skills. The class is designed for all students interested in the visual and the performing arts and serves as an introduction to set, costume, and light design. 25 hours of production lab work will be assigned in class. 3 hrs. lect.
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Fall 2022

THEA0101A-F22 Lecture (Evancho)

Fall 2021

THEA0101A-F21 Lecture (Evancho)

Fall 2020

THEA0101A-F20 Lecture (Evancho)

Fall 2019

THEA0101A-F19 Lecture (Evancho)

Winter 2019

THEA0101A-W19 Lecture (Zieselman)

Fall 2017

THEA0101A-F17 Lecture (Evancho)

Fall 2016

THEA0101A-F16 Lecture (Evancho)

Fall 2015

THEA0101A-F15 Lecture (Evancho)

Fall 2014

THEA0101A-F14 Lecture (Evancho)

Fall 2013

THEA0101A-F13 Lecture (Evancho)

Fall 2012

THEA0101A-F12 Lecture (Evancho)

Fall 2011

THEA0101A-F11 Lecture (Evancho)

Fall 2010

THEA0101A-F10 Lecture (Evancho)

Fall 2009

THEA0101A-F09 Lecture (Evancho)

Winter 2009

THEA0101A-W09 Lecture (Zieselman)

Spring 2008

THEA0101A-S08 Lecture (Evancho)

Winter 2007

THEA0101A-W07 Lecture (Zieselman)

Fall 2006

THEA0101A-F06 Lecture

Fall 2005

THEA0101A-F05 Lecture (Evancho)

Fall 2004

THEA0101A-F04 Lecture
THEA0101X-F04 Lab
THEA0101Y-F04 Lab
THEA0101Z-F04 Lab

Fall 2003

THEA0101A-F03 Lecture (Evancho)
THEA0101X-F03 Lab (Evancho)
THEA0101Y-F03 Lab (Evancho)
THEA0101Z-F03 Lab (Evancho)